Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: ~Zaidi~

Dear Syed Mehdi, "We just wanted to pass on some words of appreciation for your support and efforts in recently buying and selling our house. We are about to become happy homeowners thanks to the treasure of your office and your professional diligence. Your guidance took us away from all doubts and led us to our new place that we can now call home. Words cannot describe the excellence of the services that you provided us with and all your efforts in selling our house happily in a week's time really seems like a dream come true. To add to that you also were an amazing realtor and we were very satisfied and happy when we bought our dream home through you. You have proved yourself as not only a caring compassionate individual but a par excellence realtor. We extend our huge thanks to you for everything that you have done for us. Thank you! Your knowledge is incredible. You knew the history of the area, and often the history of individual homes. You knew about building construction and quality, or lack thereof. It is your expertise in this area that had us convinced as we decided to sell and buy our new home through you. By listening to us and our individual taste, you knew before we did which house matched us best. You were amazingly responsive, we truly felt as if we were your only clients however, hearing about all the positive rapport from the community, we know that we just one of your many satisfied clients. Your efforts exceeded all of our expectations. Had it not been for your assistance and constant tending of the various affairs, we would not have been able to even consider such a big change." With gratitude,  ~Zaidi~

By: ~Anthony, Amy & Daniel~

Dear Syed Mehdi "It was a pleasure working with you, as a first time home buyers, you went the extra mile to ensure that we fully understood the process and clear up any doubt that we had. You did an excellent job during the viewing to thoroughly check all aspects of the home and ask all the important questions. As you are also a certified home inspector with that background he guided all of us during the process to look for minor details while selecting our dream property in Mississauga under a tight budget. We confidently felt that our best interests were well represented. We would strongly recommend Syed to anyone looking to purchase a house. And I must say Wow! your welcome home package that's icing on the cake! Love the IKEA gift cards with excellent value" ~Anthony, Amy & Daniel~

By: Syed Abbas Asad Syeda Batool ZE Asad

Dear Mehdi, "I know it took us so long to get this letter to you. We were very busy unpacking and putting things away in our new home. We couldn't have done it without you for sure! We remember back at the end of winter you name is been highly recommended by one of our family friend at that time he was our landlord also. We were not sure that we will be able to get this house as it was the case of multiple offer and total 5 families were ready with pen and paper to grab this Williamson Drive unit. But we must say that confidence on your face and explanation how one can deal with multiple offers was the reason we were confident that we will get this house. Your professional work ethic and strong confidence and determination made us feel that we were able to get what we want and we did. In the market the way it is today specially in Ajax we weren't sure what we were going to get! We appreciated your honesty and willingness to answer every question and phone call we had, and we know that there where tons of them as we were first time home buyers and we are very grateful for the time that you took to explain everything to us! The best part we are most pleased with you is that on the day of closing despite it was a multiple offer we already have 40k plus equity in our home. With the bottom our heart we thank you once again for beautiful welcome home package which will help us putting some good quality furniture items in our new home. Guys if you are reading this! Trust us you will not find better Realtor then him we already recommend him many times to our family and friends since we moved."  Syed Abbas Asad Syeda Batool ZE Asad

By: ~Masood Jafar Rizvi &  Syeda Kinza Hasan Kazmi~

"We first approached Syed Mehdi back at the end of last winter not a very auspicious time to do real estate deals, but Mehdi never pushed us and guide us all the way how to stage our town house in Mississauga before we can put it up for sale. It was 4th April when we signed the agreement to list our home for sale. As he promised right with in the first 5 days we got our first offer just few hundred below our asking price and it was sold in no time. Even though we were very indefinite as to when or if we would be able to complete the deal but Mehdi's confidence was a great help to make the decision. Now the next biggest challenge we were facing was to find a new upscale home for our family, Mehdi immediately set aside considerable time to show us homes in Mississauga, Brampton, Stony Creek and Milton. He even postponed family events so that he could show us some more houses. For the next few months Mehdi kept us busy by showing us houses almost three days a week. We were informed almost daily by emails, phone calls for the next possible visits, he always answer any questions we had. As he is a certified home inspector also his knowledge help us learn a lot about houses and hidden things behind walls. When we finally decided to select a house in July 2014 and make an offer, Mehdi took the time to show us a way how to handle multiple offer situation, advising us of positive and negative points about the process and assisting us in our final purchase negotiations, arranging for a professional inspection, helping us to obtain bids for some modifications we wanted to make, and guiding us through the closing process with all his efforts we moved in into our new home on August 1st and now we enjoy evenings from our nice size deck directly looking into the pond behind our new home. 365 days of complete home insurance as a welcome home package was a fantastic gift! With his professional assistance we ended up with a house that was ideal for us at a price that we believe was fair to us and the seller. In all our dealings with Mehdi he cheerfully went the second and third miles in a friendly, professional way, and we have no reservations about recommending him to anyone needing the services of a realtor in and around Mississauga and Milton. Thanks, Mehdi, for helping us to find the right house for our needs."